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Our Environment

At San Carlos Learning Center, we offer parents the opportunity to enroll their child in a child care/day care program that is close to where they live in Jacksonville Riverside or Jacksonville Downtown.  At our Day School, we nurture your child’s independence within a secure environment while he or she gets a chance to explore the surroundings and gain experiential learning.  

Infant Day Care Program in Jacksonville Riverside

Your children are being held, played with, read to and nurtured by our staff.  We also provide outside play.  Our teachers go to great lengths to make certain you are informed daily about the quality care your infant receives.

Learning Center Program for Toddlers (children at age 2)

This group learns about sharing and getting along with others.  They are learning to verbalize their concerns.  They are old enough to participate in group activities such as stories, singing songs, dancing and playing games.  Through our curriculum, they expand their language skills, learn new words and concepts.  Our group works on using the bathroom, when interest is shown.  Our large classroom is divided into different learning centers.  We also let the kids spend time outside in our large playground equipped with a jungle-gym, swings, climbing toys, and lots of toys and balls.  You are always welcome to come and join us for some fun.

Pre-Schoolers (Day School Program Jacksonville Riverside)

At this age, children are beginning to prepare for school.  We offer our VPK program.  We provide a more structured learning environment using High Reach Curriculum.  High Reach Curriculum is a hands on teaching program based on phonics.  We have a high achievement rate – more than 90% of our pre-schoolers can read, write, and do math and science.  Our classrooms are divided into five learning areas…

  • Language
  • Imaginative Play
  • Science
  • Block Area
  • Manipulative Area

Your child can choose which area he/she wants to explore.  We have computers for children.  We have a large and shaded playground.

School Age (Before and After School Day Care)

At our Jacksonville Downtown Child Care Center, the School Age Program offers a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Homework – guidance and teaching the child discipline in completing their work.
  • Outdoor Activities – spending time outside, playing games and working on individual projects.
  • Socialization – children are given time to work on group activities, team sports and other activities that encourage social interaction.
  • Independence – activities are matched to the child’s level of skills and development.  We foster the child’s interest in making independent choices and formative experiences.