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Our Curriculum

Links to Literacy

We offer young learners from Jacksonville Downtown with Child Care and Day Care services that include Links to Literacy in the curriculum.   Links to Literacy is a thematic, literacy-based curriculum designed to help a teacher provide rich and varied experiences for preschool children.   In order for any curriculum to be effective, it must have a focus. Links to Literacy was designed to help children be ready for school with a special emphasis on language and literacy development.

Much research has been done to decide what experiences young children need to have that will promote school readiness. Often the resultant ideas are written in the form of standards or goals that should be in place in child development programs.   The standards or goals that were used as a foundation of Links to Literacy are based on early literacy research.

In addition to the standards, Links to Literacy is also based on national and state School Readiness Performance Standards and is aligned with the Head Start Child Outcomes.

Each activity in the curriculum is followed by a stated objective – what the children are expected to learn. Each objective is a small step toward achieving the goals or standards for school readiness.

Teachers should be aware of the objectives for each activity they carry out with the children. Knowing what the activity is for and what it aims to achieve ensures the appropriate execution of such program to benefit the young participants of our day school at San Carlos Learning Center.