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2045 Gilmore St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32204
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Welcome to San Carlos Learning Center

At San Carlos Learning Center, we strongly believe in the importance of EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT.  Enhancing the potential of every child in our Jacksonville Riverside Day Care, we proudly mold young minds to become well-rounded individuals.

Learning Center – Teaching Philosophy
The teaching method at San Carlos Learning Center is characterized by an emphasis on self-directed activity for the child.  Every activity that the child is engaged in is a great opportunity to teach and also serves as an avenue for social interaction that the child can practice interpersonal skills.

Jacksonville Riverside – A great environment for Before and After School Day Care
For our day care and child care programs to be effective, we must adapt the learning environment to the developmental level of the child.  It fosters better learning and receptiveness to our programs in a way that is nurturing and fun-filled.

Hiring the Best Educators in Jacksonville
We hire the best qualified teachers.  Most of our teachers, including our director have Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  Some have earned graduate units in Education while the rest of the teaching staff are CDA credentialed.

See your child discover something new each day under the caring eyes of our experienced teachers.  Children at this age are curious about the world around them.  They are busy exploring their environment and learning to communicate their thoughts.  While they begin to exert their independence, they are also gaining a better understanding of group play from our Learning Center.

These are the Child Care / Day Care programs that we offer from our Learning Center in Jacksonville.

  • Infants to K4
  • Preschool Academic Programs
  • Summer Program
  • Summer Reading Camp (Coming Soon)
  • Special Education (Coming Soon)
  • Full and part-time rates
  • Hot, nutritional meals included
  • Breakfast, lunch and pm snack
  • Tutorials

VPK Program

  • Before & After School Day Care
All kids age five to nine years old are invited to take part of our Summer Camp! Get ready for an exciting learning experience that maximizes the summer days through fun activities.